Team of Experts:
         Christopher Dorval
         Andrea LaRue
         Peter Brodnitz
         Cassandra Q. Butts
         Celinda Lake
         Simon B. Rosenberg

Races to Watch

         New Jersey


         Arizona 8
         Indiana 8
         Colorado 7
         Florida 13
         Pennsylvania 6


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Immigration reform gained a new level of visibility this year. Months ago, Democratic pollster Celinda Lake predicted that immigration - particularly a hard-line, enforcement-only approach to illegal immigration - would be the key wedge issue strategy of the 2006 mid-term elections, to drive conservative voters to the polls while making Democrats look weak on national security. She predicted it would be the centerpiece of the GOP's defense of its majority in the House, Senate, and other levels of government: was created to track how these predictions are playing out in election races around the country. It is not intended to support the election or defeat of any candidate or party, but rather to track where the immigration issue is being used, the various policy positions being proposed, and an evaluation of how successful the hard-line strategy is this November.

Who we are

The coalition behind was formed by long-time Washington political and media advisors Christopher Dorval and Andrea LaRue. They draw on the expertise of political pollsters, commentators, and pundits who are familiar with how the immigration issue is playing out, how it has played out in the past, and what the implications are for the future, including the future of immigration policy.

Among the people who will be consulted and provide content are:


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